Paying it forward at Ford’s

Stopped at Ford’s Drive In to get some tasty burgers, fries, and a corn dog for me and my lovely bride on Wednesday.

Parked next to a large white pickup truck that had what I am pretty sure was a dad, mom, and teen son. On the other side of the truck was a large sedan with an older gentleman.

The friendly car-hop took my order and zipped around the lot and inside for a bit.

A few minutes later, she delivered an order to the pickup truck, and they drove off.

About two minutes later, she brought out my bag o’goodies (and it’s always in one bag – never ceases to amaze me how much food Ford’s can fit in one bag!), and when I reached out to hand her money, she said my food had already been paid for.

Uh…what? I asked her who paid for it, and she replied that the people in the pick up truck had paid for my food, and the sedan man’s food.

I asked her if she knew who the pickup truck family was, and she said no.

So whoever you are, pickup truck family, THANK YOU – that was very kind of you!

Ford's Drive In in Great Falls

Ford’s Drive In in Great Falls

Great Falls FTW!

I just love it when Great Falls gets recognized for having unique or special businesses – and last week The Living Room was the ONLY salon in Montana to be included in Elle magazine’s “Top 100” in the nation – kudos to Jolie!

Other “best of” lists that Great Falls has scored in recent years: the Haystack breakfast at Goode’s was named the “Best Breakfast In Montana” by The Food Network magazine – and man, they couldn’t have been more right! It has long been my absolute favorite breakfast…the sausage gravy is out of this world.

And back in ’09, Ford’s Drive In was listed as having the “best burger in Montana” by The Food Network, and of course we all know about the legendary Sip-n-Dip scoring the title of “Best Bar In The World Worth Flying To” by GQ magazine.

UPDATE: Oops! My apologies to the gang at the Downtown Doghouse – they earned a spot on the SF Weekly list of “Top Ten Gourmet Hot Dogs” for their Fly’n Hawaiian dog!

Ford’s Drive In Open?

Stopped by Ford’s Drive In on Tuesday evening – closed. Stopped by again on Wednesday – closed.

Ford's Drive In

Got out, walked around the building looking for a sign with the hours of operation, to no avail. Then I saw this sign in the parking lot:

Ford's Drive In

So…are they ONLY open on Thu/Fri/Sat now? Does anyone know?

duh – they close at 8 pm regularly – I had been stopping by at about 8:30 pm. So: open til 8 pm, but open til 10 pm on Thu/Fri/Sat.

Ford’s Drive In

Ford’s Drive In was listed as having the “best burger” in Montana by the Food Network. I’ve enjoyed their burgers and fries and shakes a few times, and they are indeed delicious – especially the fries! And it’s been immortalized in a Brian Morger print, too, which is very cool. I added a poll to the story asking folks to vote on their favorite local burger.