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Little Bandits!

Got to “visit” with these little raccoons in Black Eagle today – they are SO. FREAKING. ADORABLE. Of course, all raccoons are named Bandit – you knew that, right? Look…



What a beautiful pup! This is Meeno, who was relaxing outside of Starbucks while his human was inside getting something to drink. Meeno is about 3 years old and was…



We watched “Sharknado” last night. It was…bad. Not good-bad, not funny-bad, not ironically-funny-bad, not so-bad-it’s-good bad. It was just flat-out bad. SyFy has come up with some real clunkers (and…


Standing Bunny

There’s usually a bunny rabbit or two or three hanging around the parking lot at work. This little fella (gal?) was pretty mellow and even walked slowly behind me, less…


David On A Donkey!

News-wise, Wednesday was a crazy day. Started with the evacuation of some buildings downtown – caused by (seriously) some scratch-n-sniff cards. And the afternoon was turned upside-down with a fatal…

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