About GreaterFalls.com

Howdy! My name is David. I’ve lived in Great Falls since 2002. I love it here. Seriously.


I’ve been blogging since October 2000 in one form or another; shortly after I moved to Montana, I created the Big Sky Blog (now defunct), which was the first multi-user collaborative blog about All Things Montana.

And then in May 2005, I created GreaterFalls.com in order to integrate two things that I love: blogging and Great Falls. It’s true: I do love this community. You see, I was raised as an Air Force brat, and then spent 20 years in the military myself, so I never had the same address for more than three years in my entire life.

But then I arrived in Great Falls. Never in my life have I met such friendly, honest people, or lived in such a beautiful community, or enjoyed such wonderful scenery and weather (all four seasons!). Literally within days of arriving here back in 2002, I experienced something that I had never felt before: a sense of home. This is the only place that I’ve ever lived or visited that felt like home to me. Quite a powerful feeling.

So I suppose you could think of GreaterFalls.com as my personal “fan club” for the community of Great Falls. I invite you to visit this site often to see what’s going on, and to leave comments on entries that interest you.

Got some breaking news, or a suggestion for an entry, or want to praise or complain? Let me know! david AT greaterfalls.com.