Tracy’s Update

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Many of you know that Tracy’s Family Diner – the iconic restaurant at the corner of Central Avenue and 1st Street – closed back in April or May of 2018, but has new owners who plan to re-open soon.

There are “help wanted” postings being seen on Facebook, so if you’re looking for a job, check it out.

No word yet on whether the table-top jukeboxes will remain, nor when it will open (they are shooting for late next week), but based on a job posting on Facebook yesterday, it will indeed be a 24-hour diner again (on weekends!).

Looking for servers and cooks to work 
10 pm- 6am Friday & Saturday
Cooks $12 to $15/hr
Servers $10 – $12/hr. 
Must be reliable and have experience.

When I drove by yesterday, the front door was propped open, so I poked my head inside and snapped a couple of pix.


Also: Fred Pfeiffer – the former weather forecaster at KRTV – has a neat video about the jukeboxes:



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