RIP, Dennis & Karon

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The two people that died when their jet-skis crashed in the Missouri River earlier this week were Dennis Sire, 66 years old, and Karon Sire, 57.

The obituary for the Sires states: “The couple worked as wheat farmers near Big Sandy, MT for most of their lives together. They finally retired in 2015, and moved to a home on the Missouri River to enjoy all of their hard work. Of course, Dennis couldn’t sit still and continued to wake before sunrise, helping to landscape their new community, even creating a small park for the neighborhood.”

Dennis was the father of Jaymee Sire, a KRTV alum who went on to work for ESPN. She posted on Facebook:

Life is short. Live it to the fullest. Tell people you love them. Call your parents. Call your kids. Work hard. Take photos. Go on all the roller coasters. Eat all the peanut M&M’s and drink all the iced tea. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. And don’t wait too long, because you never know when you’ll have another opportunity. ❤️

So very sad — my sincere condolences to all of their family and loved ones.


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  1. Two lives lost in such a tragic accident. My prayers are with their families. Let this be a reminder of water safety and its importance. Cascade County should consider requiring a boaters safety card ordinance and offer the class free of charge.

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