Corn Maize Move

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An autumn tradition in our area for years has been the Corn Maize – lots of family fun in September into October, with a themed corn maze, a “cow train” to ride, a pumpkin patch, games, and more.

The Corn Maize was just a few miles west of Vaughn, but the event will now be near Craig (map).

The newly-christened Applestem Corn Maize & Pumpkin Patch shared the news on Facebook a few weeks ago, and on June 7th provided the following explanation:

We used to be Sterling Cattle Corn Maize. We used to be outside of Vaughn. Now we are Applestem Corn Maize and Pumpkin Patch and we are located outside of Craig. Craig is the halfway point between Helena and Great Falls along the Missouri River. Craig has always been our main operation and where the sheep live. Vaughn was where the cows and corn maize lived, but it was never home. We lived in Craig and worked in Vaughn. Some people may understand the feeling, the feeling that is time to come home. We believe it is time to go home. It may be a farther drive for some but we hope that you agree the beautiful drive through the canyon is worth it. Starting 2019 we welcome you to our home.
Well, of course I am sad that it will no longer be so close to Great Falls – but the new location will make for a beautiful drive down I-15 (or up I-15, if you’re headed from Helena!).
Here’s a few pix from our visit several years ago:

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