“When is heterosexual celebration?”

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The Great Falls Public Library hosted a “family pride” event on Saturday, as June is celebrated as Pride Month by many people.

Sadly, some people felt obligated to leave snarky or otherwise ignorant comments on a KFBB Facebook post about the event, while others jumped in trying to educate and provide perspective:

Bruce Steffani When is heterosexual celebration?😳

Bonnie Parrett Parents where are you? This political agenda does not even help gays. Our kids are targeted.

Kenn Engelhardt When will you nay-sayers realize that someone having something does not TAKE something from you? I’m a straight white male, and I absolutely don’t mind if there is a Pride month, a Black History Month, or any other recognition time. If you are afraidof gay people, then get educated. No one is trying to “recruit” you to be gay, or black, or Native. The reason marginalized groups have specific celebrations is because they have been marginalized.

OK, let me try to explain this.

For centuries, gays have been marginalized, de-humanized, fired, criminalized, harassed, beaten, and sometimes even killed for being gay, and in recent years they are finally standing up to say “No more!” And they are also joined by people who care about them and love them who are not gay.
The word “pride” in this context does not mean pride in the sense that someone is literally proud of something they have no control over (being gay); rather, it is used to counter the word that society has used to label them for so long: shame.
If you don’t “like” gays, then hey, that’s great – don’t attend gay-themed/organized events! Just let things like this scroll on past you in your Facebook feed – you are not required to leave any comments! Seriously, the world will not mind if you just ignore it.
But continuing to belittle, mock, or ridicule gay people for reminding society that they are real people living real lives and should be free to do so without hatred, serves no purpose – other than to show that you might be bigoted, ignorant, or maybe just too darn hung up on sexual orientation.

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