Things To Do: Downtown Dice & Games

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(This is the second in a series called “Things To Do” – it will focus on the many, many things there are to do in and around Great Falls)

I visited Downtown Dice & Games on Wednesday, and was simply amazed at HOW MANY GAMES there are! It’s a lovely store, located at 514 Central Avenue.

There are, of course, plenty of classic games — Scrabble, Yahtzee, Operation!, Othello, Boggle, and so on — and there are tons of more modern games, ranging from table-top family games to role-playing games to puzzle games and brain-teaser games and crossword puzzles and much more.

Among the newer types of games: Exploding Kittens; Starfarers of Catan; Cards Against Humanity; and Game of Thrones.

I talked with Lee Wiegand, who owns it with his wife Nicole, and he said that one of the most popular items is the series of Magic: The Gathering games.

In addition to selling games and gaming supplies (dice, scale characters, etc), there is also a library of games that you can play right there in the store, or check out (like a library). They also sell refreshments, so it might be fun to grab some friends, head down there, and play a few games while munching on some snacks.

There is also an upstairs area where they host games gatherings and tournaments – there is a large calendar on the wall near the front door highlighting upcoming events; you can also click here to see a list on their Facebook page.

The Downtown Dice & Games website states:

We are doing this so that Great Falls has some place that offers a choice of activity where you can interact with other people face to face.  You won’t find a video or pc game anywhere on our shelves.  We want families, friends, strangers, and anyone really, to sit down together at a table, play a game, and enjoy the experience and each other’s company.  We strongly feel that is something lacking in today’s society.

The bottom line: if you are really into gaming – or if you would like to start gaming, either with friends or as a family event – you really should stop by and say hi!

Questions? Call 406-952-1144!

BONUS! Lee said that they are working on adding a toy shop right next door 🙂 which will help make up for the recent loss of Amazing Toys (which closed last year when the owner retired). Lee said it’s not 100% yet, but he is pretty confident that they will be able to make it happen.



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