Rest In Peace, Luke

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Just saw the sad news that Luke Clinger has passed away.

Luke was a friend of my daughter, and he was in a horrible car crash in 2007.

Scores of people turned out for a “fun”-raiser a few months later – the outpouring of support and love was wonderful.

The obituary states: “Luke fought a long, courageous battle with a traumatic brain injury he received in a car accident. Luke was given a 2% chance to survive that accident, but being the fighter he was he survived 11 years, 9 months more… Besides his silliness and fact challenges, Luke was known for his kind and gentle heart. He was never too busy to lend a hand. He was always eager to help someone in need, whether he knew them or not.”

Click here to read the complete obituary – it is full of details about his life, his passions, and the joy that he brought to others.

Rest in peace, Luke.

Fundraiser for Luke Clinger


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