Farewell, 5th Street Diner

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Most of you heard a few weeks ago that the iconic 5th Street Diner on Central Avenue planned to close soon – June 2nd, to be precise.

Unfortunately, the owners posted on Facebook on Friday night that they have been swamped with customers since the announcement, and as a result, they literally have run out of food.

That means that the 5th Street Diner is now officially closed, a couple of days ahead of schedule.

Here is a portion of their message:

We would like to thank our wonderful customers… We were a little caught off guard by all the people who have come in to say farewell and share one last meal with us. It’s been a blast, but sadly we had to close our doors for good today. I know a lot of you were counting on coming in this weekend but honestly we are out of food and energy. The only thing we have left is gratitude for all of you who helped make our success possible.

And one last thing: “The diner will reopen this Monday morning at 9:30 A.M. to sell memorabilia and equipment.” No word on which items will be up for sale, but they are sure to be of interest to many people.

I will repeat what I wrote a few weeks ago: Restaurants are notoriously hard to operate, and they open and close all the time in EVERY town across the country. That the 5th Street Diner was able to thrive for TWENTY YEARS is a great testament to Jim and Jodi and their crew, and the hard work they put into creating the diner. I wish them the very best, and thank them for making Great Falls a brighter place.

I haven’t been able to confirm yet, but have heard from several people that Dragonfly Dry Goods, located right next door, will be expanding into the diner’s location. The owner of Dragonfly, Alison, apparently owns the building (based on several online comments I have seen, along with a quick online search), which seems to support those rumors.

Speaking of Dragonfly…this review on the Dragonfly Facebook page drew an…interesting response from Dragonfly. I’m honestly baffled that someone at Dragonfly actually posted that comment – and even more baffled that it has not been removed (or edited, or clarified).

Please remember that amid the news of several recent restaurant closures, there are also new restaurants popping up in Great Falls – click here for details!



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