Suki Cafe update

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I stopped by Suki Cafe on Saturday after hearing a rumor that it might be closing.

One of the employees told me that they will indeed be closing – she said “by the end of the month,” but wasn’t more specific. When I asked why, she replied that the landlord has sold the building, but didn’t provide any other details.

No indication at this point whether they plan to re-open in another location in Great Falls; I will try to find out and post an update. I have not heard anything about whether the Helena location is affected by this.

Suki Cafe opened in 2009 at 1229 10th Avenue South (on the NW corner of 10th and 13th Street). They served primarily Japanese-Thai Cuisine and fresh sushi, and is one of my wife’s favorite restaurants. Rhonda over at The Kitchen Witch fell in love with it, and wrote a great review.

FYI: Before it became Suki, the building was home to Big Sky Bagel.


Suki Cafe



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