Loose Dogs

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Cori Enseleit posted on Facebook on Thursday to let people know that she was rushed by two large dogs and bitten several times today. She said that the bites did *not* puncture her skin, and that she has filed a report with the Great Falls Police Department.

Here is what Cori posted:

Earlier this afternoon I was running on the West Bank of the River’s Edge Trail when a woman’s two massive Great Danes came after me. One of the dogs bit me four times as I was screaming and trying to kick it off of me. The woman finally caught up with her dogs and pulled the one away. She asked me if her dog bit me, and I replied yes. She then turned around and walked away with her dogs. If anyone knows of a woman in GF with two grey/black speckled Great Danes, I would really appreciate you messaging me any info. I am a huge dog lover, but there’s a reason why they should be kept on a leash when on the trail.

Here are relevant portions of City Code (link):

It is unlawful for any person, or the parents or guardians of a person under the age of eighteen, who owns or harbors an animal to allow such animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the City. All animals not confined within a secure enclosure (as defined in Section 6.1.010 shall be kept on a leash (as defined in Section 6.1.010 not more than ten (10) feet long. Cats are not required to be on a leash, but they must be confined to the owner’s property or be under the physical control of the owner.

It is unlawful for an owner or keeper of animal to permit them to run at large upon any street, alley, avenue, boulevard or public park or to trespass upon the premises of another person within the City.

I’m glad that she wasn’t seriously hurt – and hope that the owner of the dogs is found.


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