Adios, Argos Arts

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The University of Providence (formerly UGF) is shutting down several programs – including the Theatre & Business Arts program.

The Argo Arts Facebook page posted the following message on Wednesday:

Since UP has cancelled it’s theatre program, we are also losing our storage space. And we have nowhere to store all of it. So we’re going to have to throw most of it away. But, we want some of the stuff to go to a good home. So, if you want stuff, come and get it. Take however much you want. Please bring your own bags.

We will be having the purge on Friday, May 10th from 5-9pm and Saturday, May 11 from 1-5pm. Our storage is located in the basement of the Columbus Center, 1601 2nd Ave North.

Barb Lassiter also has some other time available if you want so much stuff you would like a private appointment. Call her at 406-564-7663. Please don’t delay or think you can “get around to it later.” Next Wednesday the 15th, we have to toss out everything that is still here.

Here is more information about the programs affected at the UP site.


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