Say hello to The Last Straw Bistro

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Say good-bye to Chopz, and hello to The Last Straw Bistro!

Chopz served up sandwiches and such for about two years in the space that used to a Subway shop at the corner of Central Avenue and 5th Street. But Chopz never really caught on, and is now closed – to make way for the Last Straw Bistro, which is scheduled to open within the next few days. Nicole, the manager, told me they plan to have a “soft opening” on Saturday, and should be ready to fully open on Monday.

Renovations got underway a few days ago.

Looks like some yummy stuff on the new menu, including sandwiches, smoothies, frozen lemonade, ice cream, and more:

Texas Brisket made with brisket burnt ends smothered in an applewood bacon bbq sauce and delicious onions!

Breakfast Sandwich made on an everything bagel with a fried egg, sausage and cheese

*Chunky Monkey* Made with peanut butter, almond milk, oats, real banana and chocolate chips & topped with granola…of course

Banana Bread Smoothie Bowl *Made with real bananas, granola, oatmeal, yogurt and a dash of cinnamon

Looks like a fun place – looking forward to trying it!

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