Longboard ride down 15th Street (video)

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A person using the moniker “RaisingCainDownhill” has posted two videos to Youtube that feature him (her?) riding a longboard (a type of skateboard) down 15th Street North.

The rider went all the way from near the top of the hill at 32nd Street NE, and across the bridge to the intersection at River Drive – with a first-person video camera capturing the ride.

I don’t know when the rider actually did it, but the videos were posted about two months ago.

I also don’t know who the person is, and I’m kind of amazed that he didn’t get hurt.

This video is titled “Streetluge Great Falls Mt. Drop In.”

And this one is titled “Longboarding Downhill, Morning Bomb and someone on my tail..Close.”

As Patrick Duffy used to warn people at the end of each episode of “Man From Atlantis” – don’t try this at home.


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