The American Bar in Stockett

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We visited the American Bar in Stockett several weeks ago – first time we had been there in years, and it was fun!

It’s located at 6 Front Street in Stockett, about 20 miles south/southeast of Great Falls.

Yep – they have some iconic “Burger Master” items on the menu, but they are only available on Saturdays and Sundays. (FYI for newbies to town – Burger Master closed in Great Falls several years ago)

The decor is suitably funky/retro/cool – including the two-headed calf perched on the top of the bar. And the counter-top of the bar is covered with historical photos, documents, and information about the community.

The food was delicious – basic cheeseburger for me, and a pizza-burger for my wife. The fries were amazing!

And of course, there’s never a bad time for a drive out to Stockett 🙂



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