The Barn Vintage Treasures (video)

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The Barn Vintage Treasures, located at 816 15th Street North, underwent a big makeover recently. Julie and her team did some really neat renovations, and re-opened last month to unveil the changes:

In late January, the Barn will temporarily close and will be renovated and reinvented! Walls will be torn down, painted and rearranged. Best of all, everything will be upgraded to better quality, more history, more fabulousness! All merchandise will be carefully selected to provide you with quality, authentic old things, all beautifully displayed. Each item for sale will be dated so you can be confident that you are buying something genuinely old. As part of the new approach, The Barn will be open two days every month, the first Friday and Saturday, with new (old) treasures each month. During each opening, in addition to my finds, I’ll be hosting a different vendor each month to bring you more unique items.

We stopped by yesterday to check it out, and it really is awesome. Here’s a look at what it’s like inside now:


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