My Lottery Dream Home: Montana Edition!

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We enjoy watching “My Lottery Dream Home” on HGTV 🙂 and tonight, we were very pleasantly surprised to see David (the host) kick off a new episode filmed right here in Montana!

The millionaire couple on the show are Daniel and Marsha – according to a Tribune article, Daniel is a retired Montana Air National Guard veteran from Great Falls. They won the Montana Millionaire lottery back in January 2017.

They met David in Billings and said they wanted to live in or near Roundup, and David showed them three houses — one just a few miles north of Billings, and two very close to Roundup. Unlike virtually all of David’s other winners, Daniel and Marcia wanted property with some acreage. The first two houses were fairly nice, but ultimately they chose the third house that David presented, saying they wanted something a bit “rustic” – and the house they chose fits that description! It’s very log-cabiny, with plenty of acreage and some very nice amenities and design.

One very nice touch – and something that I have not seen in any other “MLDH” episode – is that the family presented David with a small gift at the end of the episode! It was a coonskin cap, which David promptly put on his head, and the family proclaimed David to be an honorary Montanan!

Shout-outs on the episode went to two Billings places: MoAV Coffee, where the family initially met with David; and The Fieldhouse, where they revealed their decision.

Also: Stewart Title shared this on Facebook back in February (thx eagle-eye Trace!):


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