Machete + Shots Fired

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Busy night for GFPD, and a bad night for several people – resulting in two people facing criminal charges, and one person shot. As far as I know, the gunshot wound was not life-threatening.

A few people reported (on the KRTV Facebook page) that they heard several gunshots near the intersection of 9th Street South and 3rd Avenue.

According to KRTV, based on police documents:

Tyler Hinsen, Daniel Gregory, and another man started arguing and Gregory had a machete. Another person got in between them, and Gregory hit him over the head with the machete. Hinsen got a pistol from his vehicle, and Gregory began driving away. Hinsen shot at Gregory’s vehicle and the vehicle was struck several times. A bullet also hit a passenger. Gregory has been charged with four felony counts of assault with a weapon. Hinsen faces two felony charges for criminal endangerment.

As always – very grateful to the Great Falls Police Department for their quick work, and glad that this didn’t turn out worse.

UPDATE: A reporter from KFBB talked with Tyler Hinsen, one of the two people facing criminal charges.

Today our reporter Nicholas Berger had a chance to speak with the defendant Tyler Hinson, here’s what he had to say. “I want to say scared but it was more I was just worried about all the people that were here. There was babies in the house and then my dad had his hands on somebody that had the machete— yeah, it was just a lot and overwhelming.,” explains Hinson. Thomas Hinson, Tyler’s father, suffered a face laceration and broken nose as a result of the confrontation.

Read more at KFBB.


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