Davenport Hotel “Ghost Tour”

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(ORIGINALLY POSTED IN OCTOBER 2012) We took the “ghost tour” of the old Davenport Hotel and Lobby Bar on Central Avenue on Saturday night; it’s apparently one of the “most haunted places” in Great Falls.

It was definitely worth the few bucks – not for any paranormal or “ghostly” reasons, but for the fascinating view of the upstairs. It’s in utter shambles – old furniture, old appliances, broken windows, loose wires, graffiti, dead birds. But as a peek into decades-old Great Falls history, it was very cool – imagining who lived and stayed there, etc.

The tours were hosted by the MT MAPS team; our host told a few stories about doors opening and closing when no one was around, some strange things showing up in pictures, etc, but no actual evidence of anything spooky, scary, or otherwise unusual. He also told a few tales about some of the residents – one with connections to the mob, another with links to the Klan, etc.

As for the basement of the Lobby Bar – complete bust. Lots of old casino machines, furniture, restaurant supplies, etc. Although the tour guide did point out a place where a woman supposedly hanged herself back in the late 1920s.

I’m not a believer in any type of paranormal activity, but some of the folks I was with very much enjoyed the ghostly and supernatural aspects of the tour. As noted – still fun, and worth the price of admission. If I ever win the $500-million Powerball lottery, it would be really neat to totally renovate the building and make it sparkle.


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