BaseCamp Great Falls

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Now underway – an effort by a group of happy and enthusiastic people called BaseCamp Great Falls to make our community even better – it’s sort of the next-gen version of the “Future Of The Falls” effort that launched several months ago.

They are hosting an event at the Civic Center in May:

Join us May 18th, 2019 at the Civic Center, from 12pm-6pm, for a event that will engage you with what our community has to offer! No more thinking, “Great Fall doesn’t have anything.” We will change your mindset and help you grow with our city! Get involved and connected with the volunteer opportunities with so many great organizations! We are full of life here in Great Falls, and we want YOU to be a part of the positive changes coming from our community. So put your best thoughts forward and join us in this phenomenal event guaranteed to make you love our town as much as we do!

I like their spirit! Their name comes from the slogan for the official Visit Great Falls tourism agency, which is “Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure.” Check ’em out on Facebook.

Here is a Facebook Live video that they posted today:


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