GFPD Weekly Update (March 26)

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The Great Falls Police Department has posted another weekly update, some of which are excerpted below – but first, I would like to praise the GFPD for including this:

*** It should be noted the calls we highlight here are just a small sample of what we see; most would be considered relatively mild compared to more populous towns/cities. We often get comments like “only in Great Falls” or “What is happening to this town”. We encourage you to remember we are a police department. We aren’t usually called because someone is having a great day. We respond when people are having a problem, when someone is scared for their safety or the safety of others, and often on someone’s very worst day. Great Falls is a wonderful community and we are proud to protect and serve the people who live, work, and visit here.***

AMEN. And that was something that really, really upset me when I worked at KRTV. So many times, when something bad or bizarre happened, a small army of commenters would use it as an excuse to bash Great Falls. The ignorance of those people was so frustrating – as if they had never heard about crime happening anywhere else in Montana, or across the country. If those people spent a few minutes looking at the news sites and Facebook pages of other communities, they might realize that Great Falls isn’t the only place where such things happen.

And, of course, if you spend time looking at the FB news pages of other communities, you will see similar “only in ______” and “what the hell is happening to our town?” comments.

And now, some of the highlights from the GFPD weekly update:

In the last week we have responded to 890 calls for service (10,346 YTD), including:
31 Abandoned Vehicles
10 Assaults
7 Auto Thefts
16 Found Property
183 Traffic Stops

An employee of a local internet provider was performing his job by going door to door selling upgrades. The employee was wearing a uniform and visible identification. We had not received any complaints regarding the man’s actions but two community members, allegedly holding shotguns, took it upon themselves to make contact with the employee and threatened to cause harm if he did not leave the area. Officers were unable to locate the two males but kept a close watch on the area for the remainder of the day.

SPO Meek was involved in a slow speed car crash when someone backed into his patrol car. No major injuries, just a bump on the head and a crunched door.

A community member called requesting help in making an aquaintance, who they had allowed to sleep on their couch the previous night, leave. The caller said they thought they would call the police instead of hitting the male with a shovel. Officers convinced the male to leave without issue.

Caller reported suspicious happenings in a vehicle parked nearby. They thought there was a couple in the car having relations because the windows were fogged up and the dome light would pop on every once in a while. Officers made contact with a pair of teens who said they were just enjoying some time alone away from their parents. They were advised to go back to their parents.

“The caller said they thought they would call the police instead of hitting the male with a shovel.” Um…that was a smart move.

As always – a sincere THANK YOU to all of the officers and staff of the GFPD, Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies that work to serve and protect our wonderful community!


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