Still Banned

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It’s been quite a few years since Larry Kralj was banned from GreaterFalls (and several other online forums), but while trying to look up information today about the “It’s A Great Day In Great Falls!” promotional campaign from the 1970s, this appeared in one of the search results.

It’s part of Larry’s rant against the second Walmart arriving in Great Falls:

You see, what is the problem with Walmart you ask? Well, bret donkey says it will bring in 300 jobs. Yippeee. Three hundred more desperate outta state inbreds making LESS than a livable wage and NO health insurance move here with their special needs kids and fat relatives to sell even MORE Chinese sh*t to fat, lardbutted, scooter ridin’ hopeless bastards!

He is so full of hate – and it’s not confined to just targeting “inbreds” and “lardbutted” bastards. You might recall that when President Trump visited Montana last summer, somebody named “Sue Kralj” posted the following message on Facebook:

When the crazies start killing the journalists again, I hope they start at the Tribune! I won’t shed a tear for the aiders and abbetters. Poetic justice.

Jackie over at the Western Word noted that Seaborn Larson, a Tribune reporter, posted on Twitter that “Sue Kralj” was actually “Larry Kralj.”

And here’s Larry in action at a public forum a few years ago:



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