GFPD Weekly Update

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The Great Falls Police Department provided an update on Facebook about some of the more interesting events that officers have responded to in recent days. They also provided information about the # of cases of several types of incidents over the last week:

  • Hit and Run Auto Crashes – 13
  • Stolen Vehicles – 4
  • Disturbances – 108 (family, juvenile, noise, and general)
  • Sex Offenses – 4

Among the reported incidents was this:

Officers were dispatched to a loud music complaint at an apartment complex. When the officers knocked the music was turned up louder. After a few minutes of knocking, the door eventually opened and the two people inside the apartment were warned about the noise. The occupants were very resistant to the officer’s warning and said they make plenty of money with the military to pay a citation. They then began playing the song “[email protected]$% The Police” on a phone and slammed the door on the officers. No citations were issued but, a call was made to their first shirt.

First of all, please don’t let the actions of these two airmen dictate anyone’s overall impression of Malmstrom in general — you and I both know that the vast majority of airmen are lawful, respectful, good people who appreciate the community and strive to be good neighbors and residents.

These two knuckleheads, however, are likely headed for some trouble – whether it is a stern lecture, a written reprimand, or worse – and rightfully so.

The “first shirt” reference, for those not familiar, means that their First Sergeant was notified of their behavior. The First Sergeant is the “right hand” for commanders when it comes to promoting good conduct and morale among the troops, and punishing bad conduct by junior enlisted personnel.

The GFPD also posted a few days ago about what started as a scary incident, but turned out OK:

This morning a set of distraught parents called 911 to report they could not locate their 3 year old son. 27 searchers responded immediately, including: the GFPD’s patrol team, detectives, animal control officers, and crash investigators, and deputies. As searchers fanned out across the neighborhood, in cars and on foot, officers Kimmet and Daniels performed a thorough search of the house and, after about 20 very tense minutes, found the young boy concealed and sleeping peacefully under a blanket.

Phew! All is well that ends well. As always, a huge THANK YOU to all of the officers, staff, and volunteers of the GFPD!


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