Dutchess found!

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Very good news — Dutchess, the dog who was adopted last week by John Parker (District Court judge here in Great Falls), has been found!

Last week, Parker apparently was taking Dutchess home, and although she was on a leash, she managed to pull away from him and bolted for the river (south of town). Parker did what I and many other people would have done – he immediately began chasing after her. Unfortunately, that happened in the middle of our sub-zero blast, with more than a foot of snow on the ground and blowing/drifting conditions, and sadly, he apparently got lost or disoriented and couldn’t find his way back home. A big search effort was quickly launched, and Parker was found about four hours later. He spent a little time at the hospital for frostbite, but recovered quickly.

Dutchess, however, eluded capture for several days – but today, Sheriff Jesse Slaughter shared the following message on Facebook:

FOUND!!! I just spoke with Judge Parker, his dog was found by a neighbor.
Thank you all for your help in the search.
Dutchess is in good health and has been reunited with her new family.

I’ve seen some churls on Facebook criticizing Parker for (a) letting his dog escape, (b) not being dressed properly, and/or (c) showing poor judgment by trying to catch the dog. I’ve also seen some really stupid comments from people who think that this situation somehow means he is not fit to be a judge. SERIOUSLY, people? Sheesh. Thankfully, about 95% of the comments were nothing but praise and support.


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