Fire at Calumet Refinery

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There is a fire at the Calumet refinery, and some people have reported hearing a loud “boom” and even feeling the ground shake. It happened at about 1:20 p.m. At this point, there are no reports of serious injuries, and there is no word yet on what happened.

UPDATE: “Calumet confirms all personnel are accounted for and there are no injuries reported.”  GFPD posted: “Air quality experts have determined the air to be safe in the immediate vacinity of the refinery. The shelter in place has been lifted for North Middle and Sacajawea schools. Students will have a normal release.”

The Great Falls Police Department posted on Facebook: “COMMUNITY ALERT! Incident at @CalumetRefinery (1900 10th St S). We are working closely with other emergency agencies in response to a black plume that came from the refinery. We have all roads in the immediate vacinity of the refinery closed, please avoid this area, you will not be allowed to travel through the area until the incident is cleared. As a precaution, North Middle and Sacajawea schools are in Shelter in Place. We recommend anyone in the area to shelter in your home or business with the windows and doors closed.”

According to KFBB: “The Black Eagle Volunteer Fire Department is evacuating within a half mile radius of the refinery.” KRTV reports that the evacuation includes The Montana Club restaurant.


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