Creative Center of 4 West “no longer exists”

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There apparently is a sad situation involving the Creative Center of 4 West in Great Falls; it is (or was) located in the Columbus Center.

According to its Facebook page several weeks ago: “Two fake art therapists arrived on the scene, got the building admin to give up our gallery for a reception area for group home clients, refuse to honor any requests of cooperative area, dismantled about 20 years of First Friday Art Walks, many more of celebrating Western Art Week with false claims, hostile art environment and downright possession of the community of artists…be advised there are sexual offenders patrolling the area, getting served by false artists, and making the hallways and public areas unsafe for children and others… The many years of endless hours of time, money and devotion did not matter to the building management. Fake newcomers held trump over long term residents. No gratitude shown for the artists. “Fake therapists” get the artists rate and the run of the area.

Alma Winberry followed that up with this: “All the art, supplies and equipment had to come to my home, be given away, or dismantled in one month. From a dream created a creative art center that served the community for 10 years. Dashed are those days. At midnight I returned their keys so fake artists can see their sexual offenders in the hallways of the Columbus Center while making red construction paper hearts and the public can hear of the client’s plight of predators as the former art wing becomes a reception area for the handicapped under false pretenses of “art therapy” without certification or legitimate accreditation.”

I’m sure there is a lot more to this than what is referenced above – anybody have some insight into what happened?

UPDATE – I talked with the owner of the Columbus Center about the situation – click here to read about it.


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