Snowy (and cold) February!

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We got about six or seven inches of snow on Friday night/Saturday morning – bringing the February 2019 snow total to 20.7 inches of snow in Great Falls (officially, that is, at the airport). Some areas around town have received a bit more, others perhaps a bit less.

The National Weather Service in Great Falls says that this now puts February 2019 as the fifth-snowiest February on record – and it isn’t over yet! The NWS also said: “In addition to Great Falls’ prolific snowfall this month, the city is well on its way to finishing 2nd for all-time coldest February.” Yep – pretty sure that we have been below 0 degrees more than above it over the past 12 or so days.

Quite different from January, which was remarkably mild, both in terms of snow and temperature!

Apparently there was a rumor going around town that some sort of “snow emergency” had been declared, but the GFPD was quick to debunk it:

SNOW SNOW SNOW! We have not issued any type of “Emergency Travel Only” alert…if we had you would have seen it here. We count on the pros at Montana Department of Transportation to determine when that happens.¬†Our awesome team of 911 dispatchers have been fielding calls throughout the day from people asking about the roads and the false alert. Please stop calling the Dispatch Center unless you need fire, medical, or police personnel to respond to an incident.

I took a quick spin around parts of town at about 9 p.m. on Saturday – the main roads are mostly clear of snow, but still quite slick in many spots. Side roads, of course, are pretty messy – even with 4WD, it’s pretty hard to navigate. So even without a formal “emergency” declaration, please be careful if you are on the road!



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