Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe

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The Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe

The Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe

We stopped by the new Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe a few days ago – and it was very good!

It’s located at 1500 9th Avenue South, in the spot that used to be Chubby’s (and before that, I think, the Pickle Barrel?).

The owners, Nathaniel and Reba Cunningham, were introduced to the former manager and chef of the old Double Barrel Cafe at their church. There were able to get the rights to the name as well as hire him as their new chef, according to KRTV. The old Double Barrel was on Central Avenue West and closed several years ago. I think it was called the Blue Jean Cafe and/or the Hilltop Cafe before it became the Double Barrel.

The new Double Barrel is a bit small, but it feels very open and is very clean. Nathaniel was on duty the day we stopped by, and he was super nice and full of good cheer. Of course, I ordered a double-cheeseburger, and since they don’t have French fries, I had a side of hash browns. Verdict: DELICIOUS. And the burger was HUGE.

Obviously, there are plenty of coffee choices, and there was a great selection of pies and baked goods! They are open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. (but closed on Sundays).

Definitely plan to visit again soon!

Double Barrel website and on Facebook.


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