Bye, Shopko

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There have been rumors for a while, and now it’s official: the Shopko store in Great Falls is closing permanently. According to the Shopko website, the store on Northwest Bypass will close on May 5th.

Shopko is closing many other stores, too, including several in Montana and in other states – here is the latest list.

I’m a little sad, but not at all surprised. I feel bad for the employees, and hope they find other work soon. And of course it’s not surprising – Great Falls has lost Sears, Herbergers, Amazing Toys, and a few other retailers in recent years. It’s not a reflection on Great Falls – it’s just the way retail is (and has been heading) for nearly 20 years now.

Some people, of course, are trying to assign at least some blame on Great Falls and/or the GF employees:

But others correctly point out that it is not the “fault” of Great Falls (or the Great Falls Shopko employees):

This is simply the continuation of a decades-long trend – buying online is pretty much how it’s done now, for better or worse.

We head to Shopko a few times each year – they always had my favorite flannel shirts in stock 🙂 And it was never super-busy or too crowded – which of course made for easy and fast shopping, but sadly was an indicator of today’s announcement.

Hmmm…wonder what can be done with that large building and space…?

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