Montana State Fair performers for 2019

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The lineup for the Montana State Fair in Great Falls this summer has been announced:

Ticket info will be posted at the Montana ExpoPark website.

As far as Montana State Fair lineups go, this one seems to be about average – some older classic acts, some more modern-ish country and rock, some funny stuff, and even one aimed squarely at families/kids – Darci Lynne is a teen ventriliquist who is an “America’s Got Talent” winner. I’m sure some people will be very happy about the lineup, and the usual suspects on Facebook will be grumpy about it. To the haters — hey, the folks who book the acts do the best they can with the resources that are available to them.

Of course, I am not part of the target market for concerts and live shows, so my opinion doesn’t really matter.¬†If I go to the fair, it’s to see animals, taste some treats, and play some games!




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