“I’m from Montana”

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We often watch “Svengoolie” on MeTV on Saturday evening; Sven hosts a classic movie each week, usually a “bad” horror/monster movie, and interjects tidbits about the making of the movie, the actors, director, etc. It’s quite entertaining – and very cheesy, in only the very best way. Puns o’ plenty!

Last Saturday, Sven showed a movie called “The Giant Claw.” The basics: a huge, ugly bird the size of a battleship (!) is attacking planes, buildings, and people in and around New York. The cursed creature can’t be hurt by conventional weapons, for some reason, and there is some fun hand-wavey explanation that it is surrounded by a shield of antimatter. Well, why not?

The movie is – well, it certainly isn’t great, nor is it bad. It’s a competent 50s-era monster movie that moves along nicely. The primary criticism leveled at it is the frankly silly-looking monster – the Giant Claw is absolutely hysterical. In hindsight, of course, that simply adds to the charm.

Eventually, our two heroes realize that the Giant Claw has laid a Giant Egg, and they set out to destroy it – leading to a delightful moment as the woman (played by Mara Corday) pulls out her gun and prepares to shoot the egg – when the man (Jeff Morrow) looks at her and seems surprised that she can handle a weapon, she simply states: “I’m from Montana.”

Here’s a little snippet of the official teaser of the movie, along with Corday telling Morrow about her Big Sky heritage:

MeTV (and Svengoolie) airs in Great Falls on KJJC – cable channel 4, or over-the-air on channel 16.1. Great channel for classic TV.




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