“The Wizard Of Oz” in Great Falls

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You may have seen advertisements on TV or on Facebook for the touring production of “The Wizard Of Oz” that will be in Great Falls on Saturday, February 2nd.

I’m not really a fan of live shows (music, plays, etc), but I’m almost tempted this time – because it has some serious Montana connections!

One of the performers is Scoob Decker of Kalispell, a graduate of the University of Montana with a BA in Theatre, and the musical director is Lizzie Webb of Cut Bank, who served as adjunct professor of Musical Theatre at UM, directing and writing shows for Zootown Cabaret and music directing mainstage shows, according to the show website.

And the coolest part is that the role of Toto is played by an adorable pup named Murphy – he’s a white Brussels Griffon/Terrier mix. He was rescued from the SPCA in Arizona by Lizzie and Scoob, who are also his trainers.

The website says of Murphy: “He has been a trusty backstage companion, a pit orchestra puppy and he was onstage as Willoughby in Mary Poppins. He is thrilled to continue touring with his Oz family, stealing their bus seats and sleeping in hotel beds across the nation.”

AND there’s even a hashtag for him! #montanamurphy

You can buy tickets online here.


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