Spectrum App

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We had a very nice Spectrum tech visit a few days ago to give us a new cable box, and do some very minor maintenance that was interfering with a few channels.

He mentioned the Spectrum app, which I have seen advertised, but never tried – so I downloaded it, and it’s actually kind of cool.

Basically, you can watch live TV right there on your phone/tablet. Open the app, scroll through the channels, and watch any of them.

One catch, though: some of the channels (including the local ones, like MeTV on channel 4, KRTV, and KFBB), can only be watched if your device is connecting via your home wifi, which Spectrum is (naturally) able to detect. For instance – if I am in the garage and want to watch MeTV, no problem – but if I am at City Brew, no go for MeTV.

But many of the channels work fine as long as you are connected — while I was at City Brew, I watched a little “Match Game” and “Modern Family.”

Pretty cool.


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