Great Falls: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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* Saibeen is on the move! Her restaurant is moving from the Times Square building (downtown) to 2500 10th Avenue South (formerly Luz’s Mexican Restaurant). Saibeen said on Facebook: “We will be open for business at out new location on Tuesday January 15th.”

Her specialty is “East Indian and East African” cuisine. I’ve never eaten there, but I have talked to people who have – and the verdict is unanimous: delicious!

Very happy that she is getting a new location with a lot more traffic!

Some video from her grand opening last January:

* Over on r/GreatFalls, someone is looking for advice on selecting a place for an outdoor wedding.

* Very sad news — a woman died this morning near Walmart. The GFPD said: “We are investigating a crash involving the death of a adult female, on 8th St NE between 25th Ave NE and Smelter Avenue.” No word yet on whether the woman was in a car, or was a pedestrian. There is no word yet on the cause of the crash, but the GFPD said that the incident had nothing to do with North Middle School. UPDATE: the woman was a pedestrian, according to KRTV.

* Fortunately, there were no injuries in this fire, but the home is destroyed. According to KRTV, it happened on the 200 block of 26th Street Northwest. According to Marsha Fries, it’s a family of six, and they lost everything. 8 year old girl, 10 year old girl, 14 year old boy, 16 year old boy, and mom and dad. She has created a Facebook fundraiser to help.


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