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Is there anything better than a drive out to the Highwood Bar on a Friday night for a juicy, delicious ribeye steak?

I absolutely LOVE the 30-minute drive out there — rolling hills, winding road, Highwood Mountains leading the way.

And the steak. OMG, the steak. I am still amazed that SO MANY people in Great Falls don’t know about and/or have never been here for Friday steak night.

And although the steak is the REAL winner, my wife thinks that their legendary “hot slaw” is the best reason to head out there 😀

One other thing: it is the only place where I get ZERO cell phone service – which means it is basically the only couple of hours that I ever (EVER) get with no “breaking news” messages. The only downside to that is I can’t use the jukebox app on my phone to play music in there – I have to actually GET UP and PUT MONEY in the jukebox 😀 😀

Thank you to Kimmy and Andrea for enjoying the delightful dinner with us!


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