Ballot Time

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I’m going to vote AGAINST the park and the school taxes. Because I obviously do not want nice parks in our community, and I hate children and education.

No, wait.

I’m going to vote FOR the park and the school taxes, because I obviously have too much money and this won’t cost any more than a few cups of coffee each month.

See, voting on things like this — for or against — doesn’t boil down to simplistic thoughts like that. And I hate when people try to portray a NO vote as a vote against children, or education, or parks. And also hate when people try to portray a YES vote as a socialist move that does nothing more than line the pockets of bureaucrats.

I’m not certain yet how I plan to vote. All I ask of fellow voters (and people who bitch and complain but don’t vote) is that they don’t try to denigrate and demean other people for voting opposite them.


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