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I’m not 100% certain, but I think the guy with the potty-mouth in this video is Larry Kralj – known to many bloggers way back in the day as “Redneck Hippie” and “Environmental RANGER!”

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about Larry in quite a while – not since he was banned about 10 years ago from several online forums for his tirades and insults.

The issue being discussed is the proposed copper mine near White Sulphur Springs, and this gentleman has some…um…strong opinions on the subject. A lot of people do! But this profanity-laced tirade is simply bewildering.

“Get the fuck back to Canada and Australia!” “Fuck youuuu, dude!” “We own that fucking river!” “FUCK YOU! Fuck Canada!” “You big fucking piece of shit!”

Jessica Sena was there and shared the video on Facebook, and wrote: “So this happened tonight at a panel discussion on the Smith River and Black Butte Copper Project…”


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