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Most of you know that I’m not a sports fan, but I will say this: I smile whenever I hear that the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team wins a game. Why? Because of #34: Josh Huestis!

Josh is from Great Falls, alum of Paris Gibson Middle School, and graduate of CMR High School.

Then he went to Stanford University (cooler than Cal, ’nuff said), and then he fulfilled a lifelong dream by being drafted by the Thunder. He hasn’t gotten a whole lot of playing time yet, but has scored some points – go Josh!

And did you know that Josh has his own website? He posted an entry earlier this month about Great Falls, and his journey from here to there.

Where I come from is the same as so many others. A small, middle of nowhere town 99% of the country has never even heard of. Even the state I’m from leaves people in disbelief when I tell them…”Great Falls, Montana.” A “city” of about 60,000 people situated a few hours south of the Canadian border, surrounded by farms and farm towns.

I think he’s a good representative of our fine community, and wish him continued success.



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