“Living Big Sky” in Great Falls

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There is a show on HGTV called “Living Big Sky.” Each episode features a married couple (and their kids, in some cases) who are moving to Montana. The show hooks them up with a realtor, and they are presented with three houses, and at the end of the episode they announce which of the three they have chosen.

"Living Big Sky"

“Living Big Sky”

In between each visit to a potential new home, the couple is introduced to something “Montana-ey” — skiing, skijoring, snow-cycling, ice-climbing — to show how amazing the Treasure State is.

Up until a few weeks ago, every episode that we have seen featured a couple moving to one of the areas that are generally considered to be “trendier” than Great Falls: often Kalispell/Whitefish or Bozeman, some Missoula or Bitterroot, and even I think a few in Billings and Helena. One episode even focused on the Red Lodge area.

My wife and I often wondered if there would EVER be a Great Falls episode. I mean…you know that I think Great Falls is truly the best place in the world, but to the “outside” TV-viewing public, well…

When I say “Bozeman” or “Missoula,” that’s a very rough approximation. In many cases, the realtor shows the couple homes that are quite a distance from the “hub” town — and lo and behold, that was taken to the extreme on the episode that (finally!) featured Great Falls.

Here is the intro to the show:

Kelsey Conrow, a native Californian, is roping in her long-time beau, Kodi Groves, and heading for ‘The Treasure State,’ aka Big Sky Country. Having recently accepted a position as a registered dietician in Montana, Kelsey is excited to bring Kodi, a native of Wyoming, back to his country roots. Kelsey and Kodi are looking for a house that hits up both of their wish lists; a feat for sure! While Kelsey wants to looks at more luxurious, updated cabins, Kodi wants a remote cabin with tons of land, which also means a long commute for Kelsey. Will they find some middle ground in the hunt for their Montana dream home?

As we clicked to watch the episode, my wife and I half-jokingly wondered how far away from Great Falls the realtor would take this couple. Cascade? Belt area? Fort Benton?

For the slice-of-life, of course, the show featured the (to me) legendary Sip-N-Dip, and also showed the couple strolling around the Farmers Market downtown. Nice touches.

But back to “finding a house in or near Great Falls.” The realtor took this couple even farther away from Great Falls than my wife and I even jokingly imagined: one of the three houses they were shown was near WOLF CREEK – about 55 miles south of town, and actually closer to Helena.

Another was in Valier. VALIER, seriously. Lovely community, for sure, but it’s even farther away from Great Falls – about 85 miles.

I can’t recall specifically where the third one was — somewhere south of Cascade, if memory serves.

And just for fun, the realtor also showed them one of the condos downtown – the ones above Crooked Tree – which the couple quickly rejected (too small).

Ultimately, the couple decided on the Valier house – it was indeed a beautiful home.

Well, at least Great Falls was featured, even if just for a couple of minutes of on-air time.




  1. oh dear. It is nice that Great Falls got mentioned. But I have to wonder just where the lady’s job is located and if she’s thought about/is prepared to get to it (assuming it’s not in or close to Valier) during deep winter. How much experience has she had in driving in snow and high wind for example?

  2. Reminds me of the huge photos that used to be hung at the Great Falls airport…of Glacier Park.

    North central Montana has genuine charm–it’s not, as I once called Bozeman, “the Ralph Lauren version of the cowboy West.”

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