Bison Day!

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I got to feed bison!!!

I got to feed bison!!!

I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life – I got to visit some bison!

Roy and Shellie have a small bison ranch near Great Falls, and they were kind enough to let us visit a few weeks ago.

The young bison are out front; they are about a year old. They absolutely *love* eating loaves of bread (from JJs bakery!). The smallest one is named Goliath, and he was a little bit shy.

Then we hopped into Roy and Shellie’s SUV and got to drive to the “back yard” where the adult bison live – and WOW.

The big fella is named Squirrel, and he is as majestic as you can imagine. There were a few calves, too – and no, we did not attempt to put one in the back of the SUV.

There was also one pregnant bison who kept her distance – she was due to have her baby any day.

HUGE THANK YOU to Roy and Shellie (and Kim and Andrea!) for letting us visit these beautiful bison!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t forget – these are BISON, not BUFFALO. There is a difference.


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