14 Years!

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Today marks 14 years since I arrived in Great Falls. I truly can not put into words how happy it makes me. A few months ago, at about 13 years + 8 month, this officially became the place where I have lived longer than anywhere else in my life (although that previous record was set during two periods in one hellish location).

As a military brat who then spent 20 years on active duty, “home” was never a tangible, concrete thing for me – I had a vague understanding of what it meant, and knew that other people had a “home,” but until I arrived in Great Falls, the true nature and feeling of “home” was something I honestly never thought I would feel.

If you know me, or have been checking out my blog over the years, you know how much I love Great Falls, and how I fell in love with this community literally within days of arriving.

I believe the first meal I had in Great Falls was at the Apple Mill Grill (in the mall parking lot); it became Fiesta En Jalisco a few years later. The next evening, I had Howard’s Pizza – ’nuff said.

Thank you so much, Great Falls and Montana, for being the only place that I have ever lived that truly feels like – and is – home.

Here is one of the very first photos I took after arriving in Great Falls (on a then-fancy 640x360px camera phone!).




  1. David I appreciate your sentiments. I have lived here going on 9 years. Each year it feels better and better. It was a good move for me and I look forward to the coming years

  2. I have been here 30 years come November, and 27 in this house! The longest in one place for me. Growing up in Whitefish I never thought much about living in Great Falls (although I did see JAWS here in the old theater in the mall). Once I got here I decided it wasn’t too bad of a place to raise kids. Not like Wibaux or anything, but not too bad. {!-{P

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