RIP, Hoagieville

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Very sad news — Hoagieville has closed its Great Falls location. I saw an awful lot of hate on social media when it was announced — a lot of people didn’t like it, for some reason.

I did like Hoagieville — was rarely my first choice, primarily due to location, but the burgers, chicken, breakfast tacos, and fries were pretty darn good. And contrary to what I heard from so many people, the service was pretty awesome – super-friendly staff.

But I know the restaurant struggled during its 18 months in Great Falls — they tried advertising, they tinkered with the menu, they lowered some prices, but it just never worked.

Hoagieville was and is a big deal in Missoula, but just couldn’t catch fire here in Great Falls.

Thanks, Hoagieville – you tried, and I appreciated it!

So the next question is…what will move into the space? Before Hoagieville, it was a KFC. And given KFC’s summer-time re-opening on the west side (and much better than before!), could it once again be a KFC?

Hoagieville in Great Falls


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  1. Well, we only tried it once, and I think we just didn’t see what the hype was about. The food seemed pretty basic, but then again, we had hoagies. I think perhaps their other items were better. However, I do know some people that went there frequently, and loved it.

    I’m pretty partial to Subway. I know… I know. But, I really like their veggie sandwich with everything except lettuce, and honey mustard and vinaigrette on their 9-grain honey oat. Guess I like sandwiches to be salads. 🙂

    It is sad to me that we can’t keep restaurants really going here. Some places thrive, and some places just plummet. Before we get Red Lobster and Olive Garden (like everyone wants), why can’t we support some of the establishments that are already here and trying very hard to stay?

    For goodness sake, even Goode’s Q and Bayou Grill had to leave, and most people LOVED their restaurant. The restaurant business is so difficult. If it isn’t a national chain, it seems this town doesn’t want it.

    On a side note, I wanted to get some soup and Kung Pao chicken at Best Wok on Saturday. It was so busy that I had to go somewhere else. Then I thought “If we got a Panda Express, it’d ruin this business for the owners.” Sad, but true.

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