“Food with a side of Boobies!!!!”

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So…if this post on Craiglist is legit, then things might get a little more interesting up in Carter: apparently the former Rocking K has a new owner who has turned it into a strip club.

New Club ParadiseLLC just opened we are a new club out in a remote location 23 miles away from great falls out on the old havre high way. We also serve food and were the only bar in the town so imagine the possibilities. We’re a hour and a half from Havre. We’re in farm land on a major highway, right by a fishing spot where there’s a lot of bored men just waiting to see you…….We have drinks and lap dances food, a DJ playing all the hottest tracks and taking request, and great environment…come check us out 23 miles from the city out in the cut can’t wait to see you all.

I don’t know why, but this sound like some sort of a prank. If it is true, then I’m sad — it’s been a while, but we really enjoyed our few visits to the Rocking K.

"New strip club open in Carter, Mt" (click for full size)

“New strip club open in Carter, Mt” (click for full size)


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