Hello Alexa!

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Finally — my Amazon Echo arrived today! I ordered it months ago, and was originally told it would be delivered in late June or early July, but last week I got an email saying it would arrive on June 16th.

Amazon Echo - aka Alexa

Amazon Echo – aka Alexa

So far, so good — does what it says on the tin. Not the most exciting product to watch in action (but cool circle-y lights!), but I think it will be handy for quick bits of information and maybe some streaming music.

It’s not (yet?) as powerful as Google Now, which is perfect for calling up info on something I’m watching on TV, but it looks like there’s some nifty If This Then That recipes that might enhance its capabilities.

Hey, for $just 99, it’s already paid for itself in novelty alone.

Here’s a short video of Alexa in action — telling me the weather, playing a tune, setting an alarm, etc:


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