East-Side Walmart (maybe)

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The big development on the east side of Great Falls is the subject of some rumors.
Nobody who knows (or claims to know) what the “anchor store” will be are willing to say so publicly, but a lot of people seem pretty confident that it will be a Walmart. I’ve also heard it might be a Costco, or a World Market, or The World’s Largest Olive Garden (kidding on that last one).
But what about the four or five smaller stores that will be in the retail center? Nobody seems to have any idea what they might be.
And some people have speculated that if the large store really is a Walmart, then the current Walmart on Smelter will be sold to the Calumet refinery, who will use that huge space as part of its expansion project.
I have no problem believing that the new large store will be a Walmart, but I don’t put a lot of stock in the rumor about the existing Walmart closing.
I’m fine with a second Walmart in Great Falls — if a new east-side Walmart will help lighten the traffic along Smelter Avenue, then bring it on!

Which reminds me — holy cow, has it really been NINE YEARS since the east-side Walmart debate? My, how time does fly…



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