“Should Low Income Individuals Own A Dog?”

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OMG. Apparently KFBB actually ran a story and posted an article titled “Should Low Income Individuals Own A Dog?” Sadly, I am rarely surprised at anything KFBB does, but this goes beyond just bad grammar, lousy spelling, and such.

Another KFBB blunder

Generated quite a bit of heat on Facebook, and KFBB had to pull the story, video, and Facebook post.




  1. Dave… Love ya man. I know Leslie and she was heartbroken about the way people were treated. Thanks for poking back at the bully for them.

  2. David- If my adult kids were going through tough times, I would without hesitation advise them to get rid of the dog. A pet causes higher rent, feeding costs, vet bills, cleaning costs, etc… If you can’t cover your bills unsubsidized and put a little into savings then no, don’t get or keep a pet. It seems a little self centered to ask that charity dollars that could be spent on feeding hungry kids or seniors be spent on feeding one’s dog. Maybe I’m too hard assed but my opinion on this comes from knowing a guy who spent last winter/spring living in his van because he couldn’t find an apartment that he could afford that would take his dog.

    I couldn’t find the story, was there more to it than the question, is a dog a luxury or a necessity?

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