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So I recently made the mistake of adding Greg Strandberg of Big Sky Words to the blogroll because he seems like a decent writer and such, but after he demonstrated this bit of jackassery, his site has now been removed from the roll.


The point is that one reporter (based in Helena, whose “beat” is Montana politics) researched and wrote the story, and that story then aired on MTN News stations across the state and was published on MTN News websites (such as and, etc). The “N” in MTN stands for NETWORK, which apparently is too high-minded a concept for some people to understand.

I asked him if he was similarly upset about Associated Press (AP) stories that are printed verbatim in virtually all Montana newspapers and on Montana newspaper websites, but haven’t heard back from him.


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  1. Seriously this guy’s a troll. If we can just be real here for a second. You know that MTN busts their butts bringing us the news with a fraction of the staff of most Montana newspapers and without the benefit of a mass media contract like AP. Even if MTN wasn’t a network, reporters are a valuable resource. Does this guy really think it’s a valid use of two valuable reporters’ time to double cover the VanDyke story? Really?

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