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Oh, how I love Montana license plates! The county designations, the designs, the personalization.

But don’t you even THINK about re-arranging the numerical order. Butte will forever be #1, and Great Falls (Cascade County) will ALWAYS be #2 — damn the current demographics!

Sorry, Lincoln County, you’re stuck at #56 — and Gallatin County, you know I love you, but you will never be anything but #6.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see a Montana plate pop up in a Slate article this week about the popularity of “BORT”license plates — even here in Montana!


From Slate:

Stuart Hocking knows this from experience. When his company transferred him to Montana for a stretch, he decided to splurge on a “Bort” license plate. He was living in one of the least densely populated states in America, yet strangers regularly pulled up next to his truck and asked about “Bort.” Some had no clue what it meant, but others definitely knew.

I have no idea if Stuart Hocking still lives in Montana, but I salute him — and I’m sure that all of the Borts out there do, too.


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