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These are friends of friends of mine — benefit fundraiser is coming up soon. If you can’t attend, you can still help by donating to the Kingsley family via the YouCaring site.

Click the pic to visit the Facebook page:

Kingsley Family


More details:

Dear Friends:
I would like to introduce you to the Kingsley family. Like most of us Walter and Tammie met, fell in love,
got married, began raising a family and looked forward to a bright and prosperous future. Unlike most of us ,
Walter, Tammie and their two sons were handed life changing news in June 2008.
Walter, a well respected Air Force veteran, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and at 42 years of
age he was given a 20% chance to live. The cancer quickly spread to his liver and lungs and the prognosis
was not good. In September 2008 the main tumor was removed and Walter immediately began chemotherapy.
The family began a journey that would test their faith, strength and hope.
With the mounting expenses from continued chemotherapy, travel to different places for treatments,
medical bills and Walters inability to work as he once did the family needs our help. They have exhausted their
savings and retirement funds and are struggling with their day to day living expenses.
Walter and his family are an inspiration to all that know them. Their Faith in god, a Hope for a better
tomorrow, Love for their community, their Strength of character and devotion to Family makes them so
easy to care about. Through all the adversity they have stayed strong, vigilant and determined to win this
Today we are asking for your help…To make their burden a little lighter and to show them that having
faith in your fellow man is alive and well. Today you can be a part of their success and their future…thank you
so much for caring!


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